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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 23, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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e breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. tonight, our government has really gone stupid this time. will it ever stop? department of homeland security manager is now accused of running a website that promotes a race war against white people. >> running a black supremacist website. >> every now and then you might find a video of me. >> he calls whites the quote, bitter enemy and says the website was created with, photo, the purpose of preparing black people worldwide for an unavoidable inevitable clash with the white race. >> i believe that opportunity looks a lot like hard work. i have never had a job in my life that i was better than. i was always just lucky to have a job.
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the sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart. build a life, don't live one, build one. find our opportunity and always be sexy. >> what he says is right on. what he said is exactly what young people in this country need to hear. >> cops say the baseball player was just jogging along the road here when three teenagers rolled up in a car and shot him in the back. >> he just fell over in the ditch. he's been shot. he's turning blue. >> one of them said, we were born, we wanted something to do, we wanted to kill somebody. >> if my clients heard there was are store that was part of a, quote, gun free zone, it would be open season on that store. >> we don't want patrons coming into our business with zbaun. first tonight, a department of homeland security worker is running an inflammatory website
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promoting race or saying we are going to have to kill a lot of whites and we have been paid a salary. but it gets worse t federal government giving the dhs worker permission to create the site that has been exposed by the public law center. alleged former governor sarah palin is slamming the feds on facebook. his fellow employees say they are astounded he is employed by taxpayers, his side job is running the war on the horizon. >> good evening, governor. >> thank you for covering this one, this one is stupidity on steroids, obama administration. >> you know, i don't even get how this one can happen. it's like we give the government hell for a lot of things and you might disagree with things politically, from time to time with administrations, but the
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whole idea that this guy is, they know about him, they know about this guy and his job, while he is promoting some sort of race war and making gay slurs. we'll find out more as to whether he received a approval for this or not because evidently, thus far it looks like he did receive approval to have this side job of running the website, but it's pretty ironic there that we hear that other officials are saying, oh, appropriate action will be taken if we form a committee and decide whether this guy has violated any kind of hr rule ors not. well, it seems to be appropriate disciplinary action with these very narly hr administration actions. look at the scandals in the irs, and the doj, now dhs and the nsa. these are hr issues. it starts at the top when the big brother bosses besides what
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rules, what laws they choose to follow that day. >> well, i know that it's -- and it's sometimes difficult to get rid of employees from is state government or the federal government, but if i ran that office or if i ran dhs and someone came to me and said we have someone who everybody's afraid of. the first thing i would say is why are you afraid of him? then i would look at the website. my next question is get him out of here. we'll pay him while he's at home to do some procedure to try to get rid of him. one of the remarks that was made, and i don't mean to insult postal workers, but they said they're afraid he's going to go postal in their house office, not to pick on postal workers, but there's a genuine fear in the environment while the government looks the other way. >> what are they afraid of, getting sued? i have fired people for firing people, i have been sued for
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firing those who have been engaged in nefarious acts. so what? you get sued, you have to go through that process, unfortunately this is a society that loves these lawsuits and so often it's the innocent who have to end up paying, in this case it's going to be the taxpayer who's going to be paying for court costs and everything to get him out of there. by the way, it's very important that the leaders in these agencies and in this administration truly have servants hearts. it's got to be more than just security for a -- job security for an individual like this official, this is what we should be concerned about. it needs to be service hearts serving we the people.
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>> the irony for me was when the sec was downloading porn and we were paying for that. now we're paying for someone who has a website that's promoting nothing but discord at best, and at worse violence against gays and whites, it's just bizarre. >> it's just bizarre, it's stupidity on steroids, this one. >> i'm curious, i guess the idea would be to move them out of there temporarily. >> i'm glad youably that up, because that's a fundamental problem in our government is it is so grandiose, it's so large that things are out of control. this is an kpachl of that. example of that.
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this agency is so big that a supervise, a boss can't keep hold of one of its employees, didn't do the right back ground information or continued information gathering? they gather information on all of us innocent americans, why not one of their employee who is's in charge of buying the guns and ammo. they couldn't do any surveillance on this guy to find out what the heck his vocation happened to be? trying to kill whites? >> governor, i'm going to ask you about one other thing, about ashton kutcher, the obama supporter, surprising many people with his pro work speech to teens. >> my name is not only ashton, ashton is my middle name. my first name is chris. and it always has been and it got changed when i was like 19 and i became an actor. but there was some really amazing things that i learned
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when i was chris and i wanted to share those things with you guys because i think it's helped me be here today. so it's really three things, the first thing is about opportunity, the second thing is about being sexy. and the third thing is about living life. the first opportunity. i believe that opportunity looks a lot like hard work. when i was 13 i had my first job with my dad carrying shingles up to the roof. then i got a job washing dishes at a restaurant. then i got a job in a grocery store deli. then i got a job in a factory, sweeping cheerio dust off the ground. and i have never had a job in my life that i was better than. i was just happy to have a job and every job was just a steppingstone to the next job. and i never quit my job until i
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had my next job. so opportunities look a lot like work. >> governor, your thoughts about ashton kutcher's little speech. >> that was inspiring, i think ashton's going to make the idea of wanting to work cool again. more americans in this young earn generation, they need to hear this, that man was created to work. that's where we get our sense offense self and this productive that's not needed not just economically, but emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, spiritually in our country. lifting up the worker, his speech was all about that blue collar, steel toed boots. >> i think a lot of people will emulate it and say one good way to success is to work hard even after a young age, i think
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carrying around shingles for his father at age 13, then he went to washing dishes, as you say, making work cool. i don't know how many families still have chores for their children, with the disintegration of the american family, there's less of that, but it would be a helpful thing to our culture if we all developed more of a commitment to a work ethic. i will be a little bit sarcastic and say that congress is on vacation for a week and the door couldn't make it welcome back for a week. we got a lot of work to do to set examples. >> we got a lot of work to do. >> but this is a step, greatly appreciated coming out of hollywood. i think it's a lot of those heartland roots that are in ashton kutcher. he grew up in the heartland. and like they say, you can take the boy out of iowa, but you can't take iowa out of the boy, i think it's a manifestation of that, i love it.
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>> a quick question about you, i read newspapers a lot and i see sort of the chatter about whether or not you might run for senator from alaska. so let me ask what's the latest on that? >> well, our present senator mark beggich. having been so supportive of their agenda, ushering in obamacare and certainly more and more debt. he needs to be replaced and we need someone there who understands that our country is going bankrupt and we need to rein in government. he needs to be replaced, but greta, it doesn't have to be me, there are thousands of good alaskans with that servant's heart with that ability and the desire to serve we the people. i think it's kind of hilarious that mark begich wants to use my
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name as his fundraising tool. he's kinds of in a panic there being threatened, i guess. but it doesn't have to be me. and as of this date, i am not planning to run for the u.s. senate, but i certainly would never say never in this case. >> so does that mean if i could sort of sum this up, that the door is open, but no decisions have been made, it's not closed on the thought s that what you're thinking about? >> the door is never going to be closed in terms of opportunity that could be out there to serve people who are see deserving of common sense conservative values. but mark begich and all those far left senators, they do need to be replaced. president obama does not need more numbers on his side of the aisle when it comes to incurring more debt and more and more americans with big brother government. >> thank you governor. >> thank you so much.
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now to rush limbaugh, he says president obama sounds like a broken record. >> he blamed me again, i mean it's like a broken record. you know what i think is happening? i think that nobody's listening to obama anymore. i don't think he commands nearly the attention or the interest is that he does, and so what he's doing is going back to the greatest hits. kind of like in a radio station long audience. go play the hits. stop the new age stuff and go play the hits. when he recycled this idea that the republicans are not cooperating with him because they're afraid of what i'm going to say about them. the republicans are not listening to me. the true irony here is the republicans are not listening to me. i don't know what the republicans are listening to outside of their consultants, but they're not listening to me, but he's out there telling --
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he's got to blame somebody. but for what? now i'm back to being the number one obstacle. the president of the united states seems to think that i am something more than relevant. seems to think that i am something more than an entertainer. the president has blamed me more than he blames boehneror or mcconnell, or anybody else in the republican organizational chart. a single most powerful force in republican/conservative politics today. the media narrative, a few weeks ago was that i was over and irrelevant. so who do i sue for whiplash? >> democratic strategist joe trippi joins us, good evening, joe. >> good evening, greta. >> how lucky can you get if the president give you a shoutout, even if in this way, because
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it's the freest promo you can get, it's so widespread. but it's interesting, rush limbaugh says republicans aren't paying attention to him, yet the president sure is? >> i think the president has a -- well there's a bunch of points to be made here. but there's a pretty in the republican party. and on the democratic side, where most of these members of congress are looking over their shoulder at primary fights or arguments from -- weather it's a rush limbaugh, or a media celebrity on the left, they're more conscious about that than they are about -- about the other side. and so i two think that's the point the president's trying to make. >> shouldn't the president be sort of above the fray, above the food fight? i mean instead what he does is he like gets right involved in it. he tries to poke rush limbaugh
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in the eye and rush limbaugh comes back and pokes him in both eyes. the president should be worried about jobs and it sounds like he's picking fights. it sounds like it's just bizarre. >> absolutely, the president should be letting guys like me do that. and not do it himself. but as an observer of all this, it is true. it's really fascinating how members of the house on the democratic side, members of the house on the republican side are more worried about, you know, a progressive fighting them on their left or a tea party primary fight on their light than they are -- and when they're worried about that, any ability to compromise with each other becomes a train wreck and that's why we're not seeing it. >> i guess what's so different is that when he singles out someone, singles out in this instance, rush limbaugh, it makes him look like rush ask
10:17 pm
really under his skin, and i think rush says, it lives rent free in his head. there's something very different about it, that there's a fight in the two parties. there's something different about it. >> you're right, it puts a light on rush, it actually makes rush empowers him, actually makes him bigger than he might be, actually the president of the united states calling you out is good for you. again i would have left that up to democratic strategists and folks like me that are out there and they have got -- you know, i don't really understand. i agree with you, i think it doesn't make any sense, greta. >> tell me from a democratic strategist's point of view totally. when you look at this sort of skiz m in the republican party. and those who want to march out a little bit more and not a stare down and not put the
10:18 pm
government in a shutdown. what do you think as a democratic looking at that. >> as a democrat, you just hate to see something like this, this kind of fight within a party. and i am saying that facetiously. the big danger here, if there's a government shutdown and the republicans are blamed for it, there no way that's going to benefit the republicans in november of 2014, that's going to cause a problem for them. we have seen that before, i know there are those in the republican party who think that's crazy, that they need to shut it down, they have got to stop obamacare at all costs. but that fight, by the way, i think is not only going to get -- that is going to be the crescendo battle that happens within the republican party, for their nominee for president in 2016. this has got to get decided. we had this fight in 1980 when senator kennedy went after a sitting president to have this
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kind of titanic fight between two wings of the party. that's what's happening with republicans right now, we're going see it play out in 2014, and 2016. straight ahead, something president obama does not want you to know, it has to do with obamacare. that's next. also the thrill kill. absolutely stunning the nation, fox news going to ensure these three throughs are going to pay for what they did to christopher lane. but why aren't all three thugs facing charges? and what are are angry fans demanding the obama administration do? we'll have mathis one coming up. targettemp technology delivers a consistent, therapeutic cold to stop pain and start healing. new thermacare® cold wraps. a better way to treat pain. starts with freshly-made pasta,
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what in the world could obamacare do to your next plane ticket. political director rick kline is here to talk to us. rick, what's the story with delta airlines? >> they are worried about obamacare, they have met with obama administration officials and there's a letter that went out to the obama administration that leaked online. where they are afraid that their overall health care costs will go up nearly $100 next year. it has to do with the regular growth in health care costs across the country, but some of it is because of obamacare, and they are worried because all of these people are going to be added to their role. they're going to pay attention taxes because of the way they have their benefits. that's real money. >> i don't -- i don't think
10:24 pm
delta is so magnanimous if that -- push it off on to the employees and push it off on raising ticket prices. >> they have to pay for it somehow. here's the things, health care costs overall in this country, they have grown for addition -- however, so many more people are coming into the system, being required to be offered health care insurance by their employers, certain up to the age of 26, is just one example. someone's got to pay for that and that means companies and their bottom lines and that means they're going to have to change the way their benefits are offered. it's a big nut to crack. >> so theoretically, it's not just delta airlines but united parcel services has got some issues. so even if your premium does go down, you may take a hit in some of these other areas. what i might particularly fascinating about this delta issue is that the letter leaked somehow online.
10:25 pm
and i'm thinking to myself, i don't think the obama administration put it out there, right? this is delta sort of trying to put the knife into the obama administration on this one. >> president obama went around the country and said at almost every speech on health care, if you have health insurance now through your employer and you like it, it's not going to change, because of the way this is working its way through the system, in many ways it is changing. >> if people would have read the bill in the first place they would have known that it. and it's a promise he couldn't keep. now the cost, maybe your premium doesn't cost more, but you're going to pay more for that delta flight ticket. a little bit more when you get that u.p.s. package. >> when you think that obamacare didn't cost more before, wait until you're paying for to fly as a result of it.
10:26 pm
coming up, republican leader andrea contest to obamacare. what republican did that and why? start guessing that answer coming up. but first, do you believe this? killing for the thrill of it. three teens accused of the death of a college baseball player, but why aren't all facing first-degree murder charges? isn't that odd? they were all in the car. we'll break that down next. [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing.
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(growls) (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah. (man) let me help you out with the.. (woman)...oh no, i got it. (man) you sure? (woman) just pop the trunk. (man vo) i may not know where the road will lead, but... i'm sure my subaru will get me there. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. a thrill kill, just for the fun of it. have you ever heard of anything so cruel? three teens shot a college baseball player to death just for fun. but only two of the teens are charged with first-degree murder. while isn't the third? jim hammer and bernie grimm and ted winn. i really don't get it.
10:31 pm
three guys in a car get arrested for first-degree murder, the driver in the car next to the passenger gets charges with accessory after the fact. the two that are charged with first-degree murder are african-american, the guy who got the lesser charge t driver, got a lesser offense. can you give any explanation for that? >> there are two possibility answer i don't know which one is true in this case. either prosecutors don't have the evidence on the driver, that is that they actually don't believe he knew until after the shooting, then he wouldn't be liable for the crime itself. >> so that was ridiculous. so you agree that was ridiculous? >> it's a legal possibility, it sounds ridiculous. the second is, and i think a hint of this came out, is that somehow he's cooperated with prosecutors. the prosecutor you had on for an interview tonight mentioned the bail decision.
10:32 pm
>> you're going to get the best deal out of someone who's scared the most. you're going to scare him the most if you charge him with murder one. why would. you give them something like petty larceny. he's not going to get petty larceny, that doesn't make sense either, does it? >> i wouldn't do it that way, greta? >> bernie. >> ted and i commit bank robbery, and we go over to jim's, we -- that's accessory kraf the fact. this is much different. jim raises a good technical point, which is if he's unaware that somebody got murder misdemeanor. >> he's unaware that someone's going to be murdered.
10:33 pm
>> jones came in first -- >> i'll give you my wild theory and the only way this is even feasible and i think it's almost laughable to my theory, but go ahead. >> these three are three punks, they all should have been charged equally. jones, he was white, gets charged as an act resz si after the fact. >> the lighter charge. >> when you look at edwards and luna, they're looking at life without the possibility of parole. jones is looking at two years to life. i don't care who came in first, i think they all should have been charged equally. something is smelly here. >> the only possible conceivable way, the driver, the whiteman could be charged with something lesser is if there are three of them in the car and one of them says let's shoot this agree, and he says, no, no, no, don't shoot that guy and he tries to stop
10:34 pm
him. and then he joins in and helps them escape is the only theoretical way. >> i don't believe it happened that way. >> if he tried to thwart it and stop it. i would still charge him with first-degree murder and deal ill down later. >> but jones is the one who said that they were bored and that they were killing for fun. jones is the one that gave that testimony, he's the drive, he's the one who could have stopped it and he didn't. >> i think the prosecutor really needs to answer with facts how he gives the white guy lesser challenges, jim? >> listen, i know you're really a prosecutor at heart. i know you're a defense attorney for years. everybody gets charged first-degree murder in this case unless something compelling comes out. the only guy who talked apparently is jones. and if jones says i tried to stop it, i would say prove it in court.
10:35 pm
>> each one of those horrible thugs in that car should be charge charged. >> they're all punked. >> they're murderers, not just punks, they're all murderers. >> charge them equally, zbrgret. >> in my wildest dream dreams, t know how you not charge all of them with first-degree murder. coming up, if you own the store, would you want a sticker on your store window saying no guns in this store? a mayor of a large city says that's a good idea. but is it? the city's mayor is here next. and another famous baby making his debut. you're going to see the photo
10:36 pm
and hear from the baby's famous father coming up.
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>> california's rim fire raging out of control in yosemite national parks. the fire's covering 155 square miles and it's forcing thousands of people to evacuate camps and homesites. the fire has already destroyed four homes and is threatening about 4,500 others. meanwhile, parts of colorado experiencing flooding on friday following a day of heavy rain and hail. the water forcing part of a major interstate to shut down in the western part of the state. just a day earlier, torrential rain rains stranded drivers in colorado, and so much hail fell in denver it looked like it had snowed.
10:41 pm
l for your latest headlines, log on to fox put a stick never your store window announcing your store is gun free. well in seattle, there is a controversial push to turn store into gun free zones with stickers in their window announcing they are gun free. mayor, nice to see you, sir? >> nice to see you. >> mayor, i know there are people in the nation trying to decide what to do with the continuing problem of crime. you have a new program that you are suggesting for businesses, what is it, sir? >> over 50 businesses in seattle are asking to have gun free zones, declaring themselves as gun free zone and asking people not to come in with guns and if they do, they'll ask them to leave. >> i kbluzed to be a defense lawyer and if my clients heard
10:42 pm
there was a store that was part of a gun free zone, that would be open season on that store. and i know that part of the program is that they also put stickers on their windows if they're gun free. i actually was very curious about your program because i thought it put these businesses at greater risk of armed robbery. >> we have been here in seattle and we have seen tragedies in sandy hook and we see no action from the federal government, we have a state government that actually prevents me as a mayor from banning guns in our parks and community centers and we have businesses that say we don't want your guns in our businesses, they started this, we're supporting them. >> i don't get, maybe i'm just being a block head about it, i don't get sending people who want to come in and rob you by gun point, i don't get the point
10:43 pm
of telling them that you are not armed and putting a sign in your window. >> if somebody is determined to come in with a gun, decal or no decal, that's going to happen. but this is what we do know, we see so many instances where a dispute leads to gun violence. by the way, businesses have the right to turn somebody away if they're not wearing shoes, if they're not wearing a shirt. even in the wild west, at the saloon, they asked you to check your gun at the door and the businesses here have a right to say we don't want patrons coming into our business with a gun. >> i can totally understand not wanting a patron perhaps to come in with a gun. what i honestly don't get, and maybe i'm being a block head about it, but if i talked to my old clients and i said to them,
10:44 pm
there's two businesses, one has a decal gun free zwoeone and th other one doesn't, the criminal would go into the one with a decal because the store owner isn't going to shoot them when they try to hold them up? >> you know what we would like to see is to see the government pass a law to closes a gun show loophole so it would make it harder for a criminal to get a gun. we don't see that. and frankly, the people of seattle are outraged at what's going on in this country. and we have businesses that are stepping up, that are setting forth what their values are. and, again, they have rights too and they have a right to not invite people on to their premises who are carrying guns. >> you know, i'm totally anti-crime, i'm right there with you. and whthe district -- one of my
10:45 pm
clients who couldability get a gun for $15. it was like we would sort of roll our eyes to the thought that there were these gun laws, they just don't stop anything. if you could show me some empirical proof that any of these criminals were denied access to guns, i would be screaming from the rooftops for you. but my client s always got guns. there's no shortage o'them. >> so many of our tragic accidents are where somebody brings a gun in, we had a 15-year-old boy just the other day who accidentally shot himself in the leg carrying a gun. we had a road rage incident in this city where it ended in gun fire. if the gun wasn't present, if the person had left their gun at home, or if they didn't have a gun in the first place, or if
10:46 pm
they knew this was a place where this was not acceptable behavior, then you would haven't a minor incident turn into a tragedy. >> what about the shop owner who doesn't have a gun and he's got a sign on the window that says this is a gun free place, someone comes in with a gun. >> the shop owner has the right to refuse service to anybody who shows one a gun. that's what -- >> but my clients, they get the guns. by criminal clients, they usually had the guns that were hidden down in their jackets and they go up to the counter, and they point -- it's a little late, and you're not going to be able to deny my client who has a gun in your face entrance at that point. >> and whether or not there's a gun free zone decal on the window, that criminal can do that. they can get the drop on some -- let me finish. and they can get the drop on somebody who has a gun. we had a shooting in this state in lakewood where somebody walked into a coffee shop and
10:47 pm
killed four police officers, trained professionals with guns. so a determined criminal will be able to commit a crime, i concede that. but we see so much gun violence that it's caused because a minor incident escalates and we're saying that's not a culture we want to support. and a businessman has a right to say don't bring a gun into my business. >> i get that and there's still going to be people killed with guns. i know the understand deblt that you're talking about. but if you have two side by side stores, one says this is a gun free place, no guns allowed and the other one doesn't, i think the one with the sign really has the covert message, come in here first with a gun if you want to rob me because we don't have any guns. >> it's kind of like the nra ea's for school safety is to arm teachers. that won't make schools safer,
10:48 pm
nor to i believe asking business owners and all of our patrons to carry guns will make things safer either. by setting a standard where we expect people to leave their guns at home or not have one in the first place will lead to a safer city. that's what we're trying to accomplish here. >> mayor, you and i both agree we want safer cities and we each want gun control. you and i agree on that. thank you for joining us sir. >> thank you. and straight ahead, ben affleck at-bat man? a demand the white house step in, that's next. hey, it's me, progressive insurance. you know, from our 4,000 television commercials. yep, there i am with flo. hoo-hoo! watch it! [chuckles] anyhoo, 3 million people switched to me last year, saving an average of $475. [sigh] it feels good to help people save...
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>> greta: okay, everyone time to hash it out. holly backlash, batman. ben afleck playing caped crusader in the next movie, they sor angry they're demanding the white house step in, petitioning the obama administration to recast the starring role. and batman fans setting twitter afire. mark tweeting ben afleck as the new batman? isn't this one of the first times before aapocalypse? diane tweeting this is worse when they picked ryan ren yols to play agree lantern.
10:53 pm
alex tweed tweeting and the drunken hobo living under the overpass would be a better batman than ben afleck. ouch. but he does have one fan, senator patrick lehy. too bad, senator we thought you'd enjoy driving the bat mobile around washington, d.c.. guess who is entering obama care promotion contest? tweeting obama administration holding a contest to promote it's train wreck health care reform law. here is our first entry. right. speaker boehner's office with this poster con -- conveys a message about dangers of obama care. and have you ever posted a negative review online?
10:54 pm
turns out koit get you sued. daily dot claiming hotel sues guest over a review mentioning bed bugs. yes a canadian tourist not happy to find the begs -- bugs biting his bed so he took his complaints to the internet refusing to take down the review hotel slapped whim a lieu lau suit for damages and lost profit. coming up, what have you all been waiting for a famous father shows off what everyone wants to see, next. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family.
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10:59 pm
picture of north, so... >> how cute is that gorgeous baby? oh. >> who do you think she looks like? >> i pray she looks like her mother. >> i think she's an amazing combination of the two of you. she has kim's eyes some days she has your lips some days, kim's lips and i think she has, you guys die secretary her, kim will go look at her ee ears today, it's so cute the way you're so obsessed with this baby. i'm so happy for you. thank you for sharing it.


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